"Will has been a sought after speaker regarding training protocols and training research. He has been a paid lecturer at clinics in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Louisiana. Mexico and Puerto Rico."

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How to Get Sexy Legs Like Nicole Scherzinger
No pain, no gain!

Among other things (a killer voice, stunning good looks), Nicole Scherzinger has some seriously sexy stems -- but they don't come easy.

Her trainer, Adam Ernster, tells Us Weekly that the secret behind The X-Factor judge's lean legs is a piece of workout equipment -- the Power Plate.


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Slim Down by Standing Still
While these 5 moves-where-you-barely-move may not get you into marathon shape, they will make you look leaner.

Flatten Your Middle
When you slouch, you tilt your pelvis forward, pooching out the tummy and giving the appearance of a thicker midsection. These isometric exercises will help you learn how to strengthen your abdominal and gluteal muscles, says Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise. "They act like guide wires to keep you from pressing your pelvis forward and arching your back," he adds. Read more >>

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Extra Special Pilates -- Sweat it out with ESP's intense classes
With all the traffic jams, celeb stalking, and cupcake vending machines, living in LA can get so distracting that a gal can sometimes forget to take care of herself. Luckily, there is a new one-stop center that encourages ladies to stop, drop, and get fit!

Nestled far from the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the city, ESP Wellness Center is a serene Santa Monica mecca headed by exercise enthusiast Rachel Lotspeich. Rachel is backed by an impressive ensemble of LA’s hottest trainers, and their impressive classes are as varied as they are intense Read more >>

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Bod Breakthrough: Power Plate Bikini Bootcamp
The way we see it, there are two ways to approach getting a bikini body. The first is to hit the beach without shame and then surf and paddleboard your way to a bod you’re even prouder of. But we admit that’s not always possible, so some opt to first carve out the perfect bikini shape with hard work in a fitness class or studio.

In Santa Monica, ESP Wellness Center is one of the top options for beginning that second route, especially in the new Power Plate Bikini Bootcamp classes currently on offer. The star trainer who devised this 30-minute muscle-shaking session is Will Caton, and he’s not afraid of rallying his trainees by painting pictures of what their butts and legs will—or won’t—look like Read more >>

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The Power Plate Workout and LA Private Session Giveaway!
Here at The Blonde and The Brunette, our readers want to know the skinny on being skinny for their body type and Will Caton, fitness expert at ESP Wellness Center is the perfect trainer to ask! Trust us, your body will thank you. Not only is Will the nicest trainer I have ever met, but he honestly has extensive knowledge in nutrition and exercise.  His much anticipated book, full of thorough physiological research, is set to be released in the Fall and will be a staple on my kitchen counter. Will was generous enough to disclose some of his secrets to us before his book comes out!  And the best part? He’s giving away Read more >>

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Stars like RenÉe Zellweger are amping up their fitness routine with the vibration technology of the Power Plate, says Will Caton, who has worked with the actress.

"[The] equipment works fast and effectively, a necessity for long days of filming," he explains of the machine, which stimulates muscle reactions 25-50 times per second, potentially cutting workout time in half. Read more >>

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Think PowerPlate doesn't work?
Will at Santa Monica pier on his 50th birthday


FOX 11 News takes a look at power plate

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